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Auto Detailing Services

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Blast Car Wash brings top-tier auto detailing to Texas. Our team of trained experts offers various packages in vehicle detailing service. You can get exterior and interior wash, exterior and interior cleaning, waxing, coating, and polishing of your automobile. In exterior cleaning and repair, our experts wash, wax, and provide paint correction to our client’s vehicles. For interior detailing, our experts vacuum and clean your vehicle’s rugs and carpets giving it a fresh and new look. If your tires look dull or dirty you can get tire detailing for your vehicle from our trained crew. 

Auto Detailing Services

Transform Your Vehicle Into A Showstopper!

We offer a lot of different budgets and different services to meet the needs of our clients. We focus on using top tire and premium detailing products to deliver outstanding results. You can get the package according to your budget and requirements. Our experts can also adjust the prices in the customized plan. We offer cost-effective solutions without any hidden fees in order to give our clients the best service possible. You can choose a package from the express wash packages, or you can avail of our full-service package in which you can get different services at reasonable prices. Wheel & rim detailing is another service that we offer at affordable rates. We offer a warranty after our detailing services so our clients can reach out to us in case of any inconvenience even after getting the service done. Our customer service is available around the clock providing rapid responses. The time required for the vehicle detailing depends on the type of vehicle. Contact us now to get amazing vehicle services by our experts!

Frequently Asked Question

What is car detailing?

Auto detailing is a thorough cleaning and repairing procedure that involves cleaning the surface, polishing, and applying a protective layer to the vehicle's interior and exterior.

How often should I detail my tires?

It depends on the condition and appearance of the tires. They should be detailed whenever they look dull or dirty.

Can I detail my wheels and rims at home?

Yes, wheels and rims can be detailed at home using quality products. However, we still suggest hiring professional services to get the best results.

Is auto detailing safe for my vehicle?

Yes, Auto detailing is safe for vehicles because the professionals use gentle cleaning products and the latest techniques to maintain the vehicle's shine. It is important to consult with professional and reputable service providers to get vehicle detailing.

Can auto detailing remove scratches?

Yes, professional auto detailing includes paint correction that can remove the scratches and marks from the surface of the vehicle.