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Blast Car Wash offers expert car washing services to maintain cars both inside and out in a clean, fresh, and well-maintained manner. To meet the needs of people who wish to preserve the look and value of their cars without the trouble of doing it themselves or the cost of buying specialized tools and supplies, we are committed to providing a touchless wash and precise cleaning facility.

To get rid of dirt, grime, and other impurities acquired from frequent use, our services usually involve exterior washing. Car washing also includes extra services like waxing, polishing, and paint protection to improve shine and offer durable defense against environmental damage, depending on the degree of service chosen.

Auto Detailing Services

Choose Your Shine - Hand or Tunnel

Our tunnel car wash service utilizes sensors and automated technologies to make sure every car is cleaned thoroughly and consistently. Because the entire procedure only takes a few minutes, tunnel car washing is a practical choice for people with hectic schedules who want to keep their cars looking nice without having to put in a lot of time or effort.

Without going over budget, we aim to provide your automobile with the care and attention it needs with our expert and reasonably priced hand wash services, along with other modernized and technical car washing services. Our specialists thoroughly wash and clean your car from top to bottom, using the right tools and environmentally safe cleaning supplies.

Frequently Asked Question

Does winter allow me to wash my car?

To prevent rust, you can indeed wash your automobile in the winter to get rid of impurities like road salt. To avoid freezing, it's crucial to wash your car at home with warm water or at a car wash with heated bays.

What makes an automatic car wash different from a hand wash?

While an automatic car wash employs high-pressure jets or mechanical brushes to clean the automobile, a hand wash entails cleaning the car by hand with a sponge or mitt and automotive shampoo.

What advantages come with routine car washing?

By removing dirt, road salt, and other impurities that might harm the paint surface, routine car washing helps to preserve the vehicle's value and appearance.

How should the tires and wheels be cleaned?

Use a different sponge or brush and a specific wheel cleaner to wash the wheels and tires to get rid of brake dust and other debris. To avoid water stains, properly rinse with water and pat dry with a fresh towel.

Should I wax my automobile after washing it? What does waxing entail?

Applying a protective wax or sealer to a car's paint finish to increase gloss and provide it more defense against environmental deterioration is known as waxing.