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Blast Car Wash offers outstanding waxing services to the residents of Texas. After the initial consultation and evaluation of the extent of damage to the vehicle, our expert professionals start the waxing process. We provide exterior and interior waxing to the vehicles. With the use of high-quality wax, we are delivering outstanding results. We provide different types of waxing with the use of a synthetic wax ceramic coating, and carnauba wax. The type of wax depends on the extent of damage, scratches to the vehicle, and the type of vehicle. Our trained technicians use the latest industry methods to apply the wax on the vehicle. The application method depends on the type of vehicle and the delicacy of damage. Along with our physical shop we also provide mobile service in times of an emergency and our experts can arrive at the desired site and on the call of our clients.

Auto Detailing Services

Get a Lasting Shine with Car Waxing

We provide on-time rapid responses and the duration of our application service depends on the vehicle condition. Every little scratch is sealed out with a high-quality coating sealant. Our aim is to bring back the shine of your vehicle so you can drive in confidence. We also provide additional service along with car waxing to our customers. You can get polishing, paint correction, and protectant/coating in just one call now. Get in touch to avail yourself exceptional and outstanding vehicle waxing for your automobile that will stand the test of time in the long run!

Enhance Your Car’s Appearance & Protection

Additionally, we offer customized assistance to our clients. If you create a personalized plan, you can also add other services to the vehicle waxing. When waxing cars, our trained professionals use the most recent techniques, such as premium sprays and application equipment. We also provide a warranty with our services to address the concerns of our clients afterward. 

Frequently Asked Question

How often should I wax my car?

It depends on the use of your vehicle, the type of wax previously used, and environmental factors. It is recommended that you wax your car to maintain its shine and protection every six months.

Can I wax my car myself?

You can wax your car at home, but it is preferred to consult and hire a professional waxing service to get the best results.

Can paint protection and coating be removed?

Yes, it can be removed, but it is made to last. It is recommended to get it removed with the help of professionals because they use special chemicals and techniques to avoid damaging the surface of the vehicle.

How long does a paint protection and coating last?

The lifespan of coatings and protection depends on maintenance and environmental factors, but the usual lifespan is 3 to 5 years.

Can a paint protection be applied over wax?

It is not recommended to apply a protection or coating over wax. Professionals advise applying the paint protection on a clean surface to get the best adhesion.