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Located in Texas and being a reputable restoration company Blast Car Wash has earned a name in the industry. We offer exceptional headlight restoration services across the town. Our trained experts can do the evaluation to check the condition of the headlights and identify the extent of damage and the type of restoration needed. After the evaluation, our experts will clean the headlight to remove any dust, dirt, or broken parts. With the use of high-quality sandpaper, our team removes the top player from the headlight to get rid of scratches.

 After getting a fine layer, our crew starts the polishing part. Fine quality polishing compound is applied on the headlight to bring back its shine and restore its beauty. A coating is applied by our trained experts on the headlight to prevent the light from getting yellow in the future. Our expert quality inspector will evaluate the repair at the end to ensure a quality restoration and to declare the project as completed. Contact now!

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In our car headlight restoration service our team of experts evaluate the damage to the headlight to suggest a repair plan. Our team can also come to the site if the damage is to a higher level. We also provide customized services for the restoration of headlights. You can get our other services along with the restoration of your headlight when making a customized plan. Our certified experts use the latest methods and techniques for restoring the headlights like using high-quality sandpaper and top-notch polishing compound. We offer fair prices without any hidden charges to serve our clients the best service possible exceeding their expectations and providing exceptional outcomes. Our team is instructed to document the whole restoration process before and after the repair to help the client with their insurance claims. We always ask our clients for their feedback to maintain a positive client experience. Get in touch to get the finest car headlight restoration. 

Frequently Asked Question

Why do headlights become yellow?

Headlights become yellow because of environmental factors like pollution, dirt, and longer exposure to sunlight.

How do headlight restoration will benefit me?

Headlight restoration increases visibility at night, assuring safe driving at night. It can also enhance the visual appearance of your vehicle.

How long does headlight restoration take place?

The restoration process's time depends on the extent of damage and the vehicle. It also depends on the service providers and their task efficiency.

Will headlight restoration affect my vehicle’s resale value?

Yes, headlight restoration can enhance the visual appearance of your vehicle, ultimately increasing the resale value.

How long a headlight restoration lasts?

It depends on the maintenance, but usually, it lasts for around 1 to 2 years before it needs attention.